7 min read

Logistics in the Digital Era

By Peter Edlund 16 Nov 2021

As supply chains worldwide come under renewed pressure, the role of logistics in the digital era has become increasingly apparent. Ecommerce, global manufacturing operations, and cross-border businesses all rely on the movement of goods - and when one link is under strain, entire chains can be affected. 

Topics: Integration third party logistics Data logistics AI development
7 min read

Uses for APIs in the Automotive Industry

By Peter Edlund 1 Nov 2021

As a global industry, the automotive sector is bigger than the annual GDP of most countries. At $2.7trn, the giants of the industry have built entire towns to serve their operations. Toyota has a namesake city in recognition of its importance to the area. Wolfsburg in Germany is geared towards a German titan, Volkswagen. 

Topics: supply chain Automotive logistics API solutions