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How Integration Supports HR Teams

By Peter Edlund 20 Sep 2021

Many organizations will have multiple data sets across different parts of their systems. Much of the data will contain similar, if not duplicate, information about the same people. This doesn’t only affect clients and external stakeholders. In fact, in some cases, most of the data will be on internal systems and employees, presenting a challenge for HR teams. 

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APIs are Driving the Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry: Here’s How

By Peter Edlund 13 Sep 2021

While it might not trigger a passionate discussion around a dinner table, there’s no doubt insurance is a necessary part of life. Whether you drive a car, own or rent a house, or booked a holiday - it’s likely that we’ve had to pay for insurance at some point in our lives. And it is that necessity that drives the value of the industry, which stood at $5.8 trillion in 2020. 

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APIs Fuelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Peter Edlund 6 Sep 2021

There is still a common idea that the word manufacturing is associated with old factories, building dirty machines, and the din of metal clanging. Not only has this idea been wrong for decades – think of the impressive assembly lines of car manufacturers – it is now being blown out of the water by the fourth industrial revolution. 

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Utilizing API-First Design

By Peter Edlund 23 Aug 2021

The idea that APIs are a major driving force in the digital economy is not new. Gartner went as far as saying we were living in an API economy back in 2016. In just five short years, the world has become ever more driven by data and cloud-based systems.  

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6 min read

APIs and Blockchain: Friend or Foe

By Peter Edlund 9 Aug 2021

The emergence of blockchain has been synonymous with the rise of crypto. However, blockchain is revolutionizing many aspects of technology, such as supply chains, data management, and security. It operates in similar areas to APIs – which commands the question, can APIs and blockchain work together, or do they clash? 

Topics: Integration API solutions network data management blockchain
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Digitization and Digitalization: The Roadmap to Digital Transformation

By Peter Edlund 26 Jul 2021

When people talk about digitization and digitalization, it’s easy to think they are essentially discussing the same concept. Even those uttering those words may be making the same assumption. However, there are a few small but significant differences between the two terms.  

Topics: Integration digital transformation digitization
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API Trends in 2021

By Peter Edlund 12 Jul 2021

In 2020, businesses faced down the challenges posed by successive lockdowns and social distancing through embracing digital transformation. Few could have imagined API trends would have been accelerated so quickly and extensively. The global economic picture has been shaken, and like a kaleidoscope, the patterns are starting to fall back into place. 

Topics: Data analysis Cloud API solutions AI development API governance
7 min read

A World Without APIs

By Peter Edlund 29 Jun 2021

The value APIs bring to the modern world is hard to quantify. They are invisible to most of us yet so integral to our lives. Without these back channels churning away in the background, the digitized world we live in would simply grind to a halt. It would set back many technological advances by at least a decade or more, with inflexible communication systems, less accessibility to real-time information, and restricted automation. 

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5 min read

Real World API Examples

By Peter Edlund 28 Jun 2021

Having gone from being a bit-part player to the mainstay of businesses in just a decade, APIs are pivotal to the processes that make companies tick and generate growth. In our previous posts, the team at Universal Adapter has gone into detail and explained how APIs work and what they do. 

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API Security - Why it Matters

By Peter Edlund 7 Jun 2021

APIs form the backbone of many businesses, serving as the vital connection between back and front-office systems. Its role in UI and UX is invaluable in the sense it enables companies to simplify the customer journey when they visit websites and applications. Given its critical role in the recording and management of data and providing a seamless customer experience, API security is paramount. 

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