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Data Preparation: How To Do It Right

By Peter Edlund 22 Nov 2021

The purpose of data preparation is to ensure your business or organization has accurate, up-to-date data to do its best work. This is not down to a singular process but rather a series of measures you should take, so every component of your business is running at optimal levels. 

Topics: Data security data management accessibility
7 min read

Logistics in the Digital Era

By Peter Edlund 16 Nov 2021

As supply chains worldwide come under renewed pressure, the role of logistics in the digital era has become increasingly apparent. Ecommerce, global manufacturing operations, and cross-border businesses all rely on the movement of goods - and when one link is under strain, entire chains can be affected. 

Topics: Integration third party logistics Data logistics AI development
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How APIs Help Product Development - Making Better Products

By Peter Edlund 10 Nov 2021

As a product manager, you will understand the challenge of bringing together all the elements needed in product development. Managing different teams, each using their own software to develop designs, process data, and other tasks, requires an integrated approach in terms of oversight. And APIs can be your secret tool. 

Topics: Integration API solutions product development
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Uses for APIs in the Automotive Industry

By Peter Edlund 1 Nov 2021

As a global industry, the automotive sector is bigger than the annual GDP of most countries. At $2.7trn, the giants of the industry have built entire towns to serve their operations. Toyota has a namesake city in recognition of its importance to the area. Wolfsburg in Germany is geared towards a German titan, Volkswagen. 

Topics: supply chain Automotive logistics API solutions
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Edtech: Digitalizing Education

By Peter Edlund 25 Oct 2021

As parents will know, education has changed radically since our childhoods. While millennials may recall a time when they got reprimanded for bringing a phone to class, tablets are now the norm in classrooms - acting as interactive educational tools. IT classes are now coding lessons, and the old "school computer" has been replaced by personal laptops. 

Topics: API solutions digitization education edtech
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APIs Revitalizing the F&B Sector

By Peter Edlund 18 Oct 2021

There’s no other way to put it. During 2020 and much of 2021, the food and beverage (F&B) industry took a hammering. The recovery is underway in North America and across most of Europe, but the long-term effects of the shutdown remain, and new outbreaks could disrupt that recovery.  

Topics: Integration food & beverage market API solutions
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Achieving Data Mastery in the Digital Economy

By Peter Edlund 11 Oct 2021

As one publication succinctly puts it:  

“The digital economy is becoming ordinary.” 

This is the reality of today’s global economy. It is, to all intents and purposes, a digital economy. How companies operate, how transactions are made, and even how we interact with each other - is now largely done through technology. And if you don’t have a data-driven business to adapt to the present era, then you will be left behind. 

Topics: Data Integration digital transformation data management
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Big Data and Digital Evolution in Healthcare

By Peter Edlund 4 Oct 2021

The term “digital transformation” is often heard on this blog, and it is happening around us. However, is that an accurate description of what is going on, or should we use “digital evolution” instead? Few companies can afford to completely overhaul their systems simultaneously with all the disruption it causes. Many businesses prefer an organized and structured approach towards digital maturity. 

Topics: Integration Data API solutions data management
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The API Economy: What Can it Solve?

By Peter Edlund 27 Sep 2021

We talk about the API economy a lot on this blog, and rightly so. APIs have been and will continue to be at the heart of the digitalization of the world economy. As global supply chains, networks, and businesses become ever more integrated, APIs have enabled those systems to communicate and transfer data efficiently. 

Topics: API solutions finance data compliance API governance
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How Integration Supports HR Teams

By Peter Edlund 20 Sep 2021

Many organizations will have multiple data sets across different parts of their systems. Much of the data will contain similar, if not duplicate, information about the same people. This doesn’t only affect clients and external stakeholders. In fact, in some cases, most of the data will be on internal systems and employees, presenting a challenge for HR teams. 

Topics: Data Integration API solutions security human resources operations