8 min read

Achieving Data Mastery in the Digital Economy

By Peter Edlund 11 Oct 2021

As one publication succinctly puts it:  

“The digital economy is becoming ordinary.” 

This is the reality of today’s global economy. It is, to all intents and purposes, a digital economy. How companies operate, how transactions are made, and even how we interact with each other - is now largely done through technology. And if you don’t have a data-driven business to adapt to the present era, then you will be left behind. 

Topics: Data Integration digital transformation data management
7 min read

How Integration Supports HR Teams

By Peter Edlund 20 Sep 2021

Many organizations will have multiple data sets across different parts of their systems. Much of the data will contain similar, if not duplicate, information about the same people. This doesn’t only affect clients and external stakeholders. In fact, in some cases, most of the data will be on internal systems and employees, presenting a challenge for HR teams. 

Topics: Data Integration API solutions security human resources operations