7 min read

API Trends in 2021

By Peter Edlund 12 Jul 2021

In 2020, businesses faced down the challenges posed by successive lockdowns and social distancing through embracing digital transformation. Few could have imagined API trends would have been accelerated so quickly and extensively. The global economic picture has been shaken, and like a kaleidoscope, the patterns are starting to fall back into place. 

Topics: Data analysis Cloud API solutions AI development API governance
8 min read

Common Data Mistakes - And What to do About Them

By Peter Edlund 31 May 2021

We talk a lot about data security and the threats posed by attacks from hackers and other actors. The risk posed is real and should be taken seriously. However, there is another weak link when it comes to securing the data that makes a business tick - and that’s you. Whether you are an employer, employee, or a stakeholder, the importance of understanding how to handle data is critical. 

Topics: Data analysis edi compliance Data security