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APIs Fuelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Peter Edlund 6 Sep 2021

There is still a common idea that the word manufacturing is associated with old factories, building dirty machines, and the din of metal clanging. Not only has this idea been wrong for decades – think of the impressive assembly lines of car manufacturers – it is now being blown out of the water by the fourth industrial revolution. 

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Utilizing API-First Design

By Peter Edlund 23 Aug 2021

The idea that APIs are a major driving force in the digital economy is not new. Gartner went as far as saying we were living in an API economy back in 2016. In just five short years, the world has become ever more driven by data and cloud-based systems.  

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APIs and Blockchain: Friend or Foe

By Peter Edlund 9 Aug 2021

The emergence of blockchain has been synonymous with the rise of crypto. However, blockchain is revolutionizing many aspects of technology, such as supply chains, data management, and security. It operates in similar areas to APIs – which commands the question, can APIs and blockchain work together, or do they clash? 

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Digitization and Digitalization: The Roadmap to Digital Transformation

By Peter Edlund 26 Jul 2021

When people talk about digitization and digitalization, it’s easy to think they are essentially discussing the same concept. Even those uttering those words may be making the same assumption. However, there are a few small but significant differences between the two terms.  

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Optimized APIs Equals an Optimized Business

By Peter Edlund 17 May 2021

To understand the impact of API performance on a business, we need to look at how users and customers behave online. Almost half of the internet users expect web pages to load in two seconds or less, with each second of loading time potentially leading to a 7% drop in conversions. In these instances, time does cost money. 

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